PreSchool at Star Academy

You child’s every need is met in this stunningly designed play space. Each room are stocked with educational activities and toys to create constant learning through experiential and tactile play.

Performing Arts at Star Academy

Every single child at Star Academy from our 2 year olds to our fifth grade students will experience state-of-the-art theatre, vocal music, instrumental music and dance education in our stunning performing arts space, complete with mini stage.

SafeSleep at Star Academy

Our preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten programs will feature naps that follow the SafeSleep Act. Your child will sleep in safe comfort in functionally beautiful sleeping cots, discreetly hidden during the day, and easily movable when not needed. Their play space is a safe space, including during nap time!

Function & Design at Star Academy

Our educational spaces at Star Academy were designed by a team of architects, space planners, and interior designers from Ukraine. Our space includes pops of yellow for vibrant moods, greys for calming and black and white to stimulate vision. All design is child friendly, including non-tip chairs, soft flooring and storage that hides items not in use.

Organic Meals at Star Academy

Nutrition is one of the most important elements in the day. This is how your child will focus at Star Academy. Our cafeteria is beautiful to look at, and our talented chef-on-site will be creating dishes that are nutritious, delicious and based in European cuisine for a worldly taste that your child will love.

History at Star Academy

We are in a space with many past histories. We love the natural design elements in our space and have worked around them, rather than starting fresh. This leaves us with stunning works of art like these tinted glass windows from the 1950s. We hope you will enjoy our space as much as we do!

Creative Minds at Star Academy

Every inch of wall space in our hallways is designed with your childn in mind. Images of identifiable icons, educational tools, numbers, math, science, and more are featured to stimulate their minds even while they are walking from class to class. Each image is a conversation starter.