This is my education background: I hold a Ph.D. and a Master of Arts in Hispanic Language and Literatures from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages from Framingham State University. Before coming to the United States, I also studied English Language and Literature with a minor in German at Birsk State Pedagogical College in Bashkiria, Russia.

What I do outside Star Academy: I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the world through the eyes of my 6-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. Every morning, I like to reconnect to kindness and peace, in and around me, through quiet mediation. Recently, I have also started to discover joy and simple wisdom in traditional Chinese writing and Classical Chinese dance.

Teaching Mantra: Being a teacher and a mother, I’m learning every day that, in order for it to be of use to our world, knowledge should be developed with kindness at its core. But, like a Russian proverb goes, “What a kind person teaches is also kindness” (“Добрый человек добру и учит”), before cultivating kindness in my students and children, I need to cultivate it in myself. Only by teaching myself kindness and patience in and through all that I do as a teacher and a parent, I hope to set a good example and a base for effective learning that will leave a mark on students’ minds, and more so in their heart.

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