This is my education background: I graduated from the Moscow State University, Chemical Department with a Ph.D. At that time my passion was to learn how the “things” around us are built and how a function of “things” is connected to a structure. That led me to spend six years learning Crystallography and X-ray analysis! It required a lot of Math too!

Later I was lucky to get a chance to work for Samsung in South Korea as an engineer and I’ve learned so much about how to develop Phosphor materials over the course of two years and Battery materials over the course of four years. More than that, I’ve learned how big production is working and how it is different from a Science Lab! Looking for a new challenge, I moved to the USA. I worked as a Battery materials consultant and then my little daughter arrived which changed my life very quickly. Spending time with my daughter and her friends, I got an idea about simple experiments that teach Science and I even started to write a book about Science for Little Kids!

What I do outside Star Academy: I love hiking and traveling with my family. Once I hiked 30km in a single day! And I am also trying myself recently as a book writer and photographer.

Teaching Mantra: To teach children how to look at things differently and to learn how to ask questions. I encourage students to be inspired by the incredible planet and the universe in which we live.

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