This is my education background: I am a 5 degree black belt, a personal trainer, and a CrossFit instructor. I have owned and operated Tokyo Joe’s studios of Self Defense since October 1, 1992.

What I do outside Star Academy: As a competitor I have competed in the 80 90 and 2000. During those years I was fortunate to win many titles in the highest levels of Sport Karate competition. I was a three-time Kempo World Champion in Forms and Fighting for the World Kempo Federation. I was a three-time National Black Belt League (NBL) Champion in Forms and Fighting. I was also the North America Sport Karate Association (NASKA)’s Men’s Advanced National Champion in Forms and Fighting and the International Kempo Council of Grandmasters (IKCG) three-time Forms Grand Champion. This is my son in the photo with me.

Teaching Mantra: It has been and continues to be a pleasure to teach thousands of individuals the martial arts, health, and fitness training.

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