This is my education background: I earned my Master’s Degree in Musical Arts at Belarusian State Academy of music.

Became a prize winner of more than 15 international opera competitions, including H.G.Belvedere competition in Vienna(2010),1st M.Magomaev Competition in Moscow(2010) and 3d CLIP Competition in Portofino(2017).

In 2010 I passed the Young Singer’s Program of the prestigious Salzburg Festival in Austria.

As an opera singer, I collaborate with leading opera companies of the world: Belgian Royal opera La Monnaie, Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, Israeli Opera Tel Aviv, Frankfurt Oper, Theatre du Capitole de Toulouse, and many more.

My teaching mantra: As famous German poet R.M.Rilke wrote— Gesang ist Desein- singing means existing, First act of a newborn human entering this world is a shout of exclamation! I believe that Learning to sing is learning to express yourself to the world and your own joyfully!

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