This is my education background: I received my Master’s Degree in Engineering with a speciality in Applied Mathematics from the French Institute of Higher Education in Engineering (ENSTA) in Paris, an additional Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from the Sorbonne, Paris, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

What I do outside Star Academy: I have lived in three countries with three different languages and cultures. I have enjoyed that diversity. I also enjoy spending time with my family, and raising my three children. I love cooking, dancing, singing, reading, hiking, and traveling.

Teaching mantra: I want to help children understand math, enjoy math, and not be intimidated by the subject. I believe that every student has potential. My goal is to find the right way with every student and to help them scale-up skills, gain autonomy, and create their own self-confidence.

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