This is my education background: Master’s in Education for Middle School English from Lesley University and a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Colgate University.

What I do outside Star Academy: Outside of the classroom, I used to enjoy playing sports like soccer and basketball, reading realistic fiction and fantasy novels, and traveling internationally to countries like Morocco and The Philippines. Now that I have two daughters, ages 3 and 5, I am happy to play games like Concentration and Candyland, read children’s books like Goodnight Moon and Olivia, and travel only as far as the local playground and ice cream shop. I love being a dad.

My teaching mantra: I love being a teacher, too. Something happens in the classroom everyday that makes me smile, reflect, and be impressed. In my classrooms, I endeavor to create a safe, even brave, environment where students have the confidence to share their unique perspectives and accept the challenge of enhancing their skills. Lessons are structured to be instructive yet engaging and even (gasp!) fun, with a diversity of activities. I have high expectations of my students, because from past experience, I know that they are capable of great accomplishments.

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