Educational Background: I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology and Geography from Syracuse University; a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science from Boston University; and a Postdoc in Chinese Energy Policy from Harvard University.

What I do outside Star Academy: Above all, I enjoy time spent with friends and family, specifically my partner Raquel and our two pets. I love good food and discovering new places to eat around Boston. I also enjoy listening to many different types of music and playing piano to relax. I try to stay active and get outdoors as much as possible, although in my downtime I can usually be found with a book in my hands.

My teaching mantra: Science is not just a subject in school, but also a way of thinking about the world. My goal is to help light the fires of curiosity in my students and encourage them to constantly ask questions and probe for deeper meaning. I strive to give my students hands-on experiences and make connections to real-world issues, with the hope that students will see the implications of their studies in everyday life.

I believe that everyone can succeed in science. I value the diverse backgrounds and different learning styles of each of my students and work to create a classroom environment where everyone can contribute. Most of all, I work to instill a sense of wonder and fascination about the natural world, and to encourage students to think independently and develop into lifelong learners.

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