This is my education background: I graduated from Lithuania’s National Music Academy and received a Master’s Degree in choir conducting, and education as a vocal and music teacher.

My professional career includes years of teaching in music schools, both in the USA and Lithuania, working with children to create an inspiring musical experience.

While teaching in public school in Lithuania I created a school choir and we won many competitions, creating life-long memories and inspiring kids to achieve their musical potential.

In addition, I have performed all over the former Soviet Union and around the world. I have won a Silver Medal and a “Fan-Favorite” Prize at the Jewish Musical Festival in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1991.

What I do outside Star Academy: I love to travel around the world, spend time with family and my children. My passion is cooking and one of my new hobbies includes home bread making. I am a soloist at the Jewish Musical Theater and a performer throughout our community.

Teaching mantra: Inspire children to speak the most universal language in the World – Music!

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