This is my education background: I graduated from Kharkov Institute of Social Progress in Ukraine and received the qualification of a Philologist: teacher of foreign languages and literature, adviser-interpreter. Since 1990 I have been working with all levels and age groups of students, from preschool children to undergraduate students. I have been teaching Russian and English as Second Languages and Russian as foreign language in Ukraine and the United States.

What I do outside Star Academy: I provide one-on-one classes in person and online and handle students with diverse linguistic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. My off-work passion is my family and Westie dog, and recreational traveling, biking, and walking with my family. I also enjoy reading and creating educational materials.

My teaching mantra: My mission is to develop a strong foundation that encourages students to love learning. I value each person as a very special human being who has a unique set of learning abilities and situational demands. This means I endeavor to construct and apply the most fitting combination of learning styles and methods. I believe the advance of students’ language proficiency can help open the door for increased future opportunities. My goal is to make sure all students feel valued and understand our lesson concepts, so that they can become independent life-long learners!

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