Our Philosophy


Our goal is to maximize your child’s academic and physical education opportunities during school time, so that families can have their evenings and weekends free to enjoy being together.

The creators of Star Academy have the child’s interests in mind, and also value the interests of the parents. The extensive school curriculum exposes the children to many different spheres of knowledge and experiential learning during daytime – prime time for learning. As a result, many after school activities become unnecessary.


The Star Academy’s primary objective is to capture a child’s natural curiosity and to develop their potential as a lifelong learner. Our educational goals are based on our thoughtfully planned recognition of what the parents need for their children and what children need to succeed.


Each child carries tremendous potential within. Our goal at Star Academy for the Gifted & Talented is to lead each child to realize their innate potential at the highest degree. We teach children to problem solve, develop social skills, and to steer their natural curiosity toward true knowledge.

We strive to accomplish this through:

  • Adjustable lesson plans based on weekly teacher feedback
  • Selecting superior faculty members
  • Keeping small class sizes and teaching core subjects in subgroups, by levels
  • Collaborating with our families to create an optimal plan for each child
  • Balancing each day to minimize stress and maximize learning experiences
  • Creating a pleasant environment and positive morale for the children and faculty


Our role is to provide each child with the widest possible range of learning experiences – visual, verbal, tactile, social, cultural, concrete, abstract, formal, or informal. All experiences are grouped into categories and offered to children as a blend of activities aimed at developing and perfecting a skill and attaining a certain area of knowledge.