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Membership & Accreditation

Star Academy is working towards achieving national and international recognition to demonstrate our commitment to meeting high standards in education and leadership.

Accreditation tells everyone — students, parents, and teachers — that a reputable independent organization has reviewed our school’s policies, programs, and resources and confirmed that they meet stringent requirements.
Accreditation is more than just a seal of approval. Accredited schools are expected to continuously improve, ensuring that we keep innovating, enhancing, and expanding the programs and experiences available to our students.

Association of Independent Schools in New England

Star Academy is proud to be a member of the Association of Independent Schools in New England (AISNE). This affiliation signifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of educational excellence and continuous improvement. Being part of AISNE reflects our dedication to creating an enriching, supportive, and innovative learning environment for our students we serve.

Council of International Schools

In September 2023, Star Academy became a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), a respected global organization focused on improving international education and fostering a global perspective among students.

Before becoming a CIS member, a school must undergo a thorough review based on the Council’s standards. Being a member of the CIS is an honor, signifying that our school meets high standards in teaching, management, student well-being, and global awareness.

New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Star Academy has initiated the accreditation process with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Schools looking to get NEASC’s approval must demonstrate excellence in virtually every respect, including academic programs, school management, health and safety, student social and emotional well-being, and other areas.