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Student Government

The Student Government of the Star Academy plays an important role in building a collaborative and democratic school environment.

It is a student-led organization that serves as a bridge between the student body and the school administration, providing students with a voice in school affairs. The purpose of the Student Government is to develop leadership skills and enhance communication skills among students. By participating, students gain valuable experience in governance, decision-making, and event planning, which contributes to their personal and academic growth.

Sasha (Alexandra) Medvinsky


Joseph Morgovsky

Vice President

Ariel Eybelman


Victor Layevsky


Representatives for the classes

  • Class 6A: Nicoletta Ptushkina
  • Class 6B: Valeria Pukhovitskaya
  • Class 7A: David Brook
  • Class 7B: Alex Shaigorodsky
  • Class 8: Jacob Myerson
  • Class 9: Dasha Fridkin
  • Class 11 / DECA President: Denis Denisov

Student Council Constitution and Responsibilities