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Beyond the Classroom

At Star Academy, we understand that a well-rounded education extends far beyond the traditional classroom walls.

We offer a wide range of extracurricular programs, hands-on learning experiences, community engagement opportunities, and a robust sports curriculum, all tailored to meet the diverse interests and abilities of our gifted learners.

Our holistic approach to education encompasses not just academic excellence but also social, emotional, and physical well-being supported through sports, theater, visual and performing arts, and a diverse selection of clubs and activities.

At Star Academy, we place a strong emphasis on physical education, recognizing its vital role in students’ overall development and well-being. Our comprehensive sports program includes a variety of activities, with a special focus on fencing and martial arts.

At Star Academy, we celebrate the artistic talents of our students through spectacular concerts held twice a year, in winter and spring. Throughout the year, our students work with our professional vocal and dance instructors, mastering their skills and preparing for these grand performances.

At Star Academy, the arts are an integral part of our curriculum covering drawing, vocal training, and dance. Our students benefit from the expertise of professional instructors, including teachers from opera and ballet backgrounds, enriching their learning experience with real-world insights. This comprehensive arts program not only nurtures their creative talents but also grows a deep appreciation for the arts in all its forms.

At Star Academy, we believe in fostering a vibrant and dynamic environment where each student’s talents and interests can flourish. Our school is proud to offer a wide array of thematic clubs that cater to the diverse passions and hobbies of our student body.

At our school, we understand that many families need after-school care for their children. That’s why we offer a safe, fun, and enriching after-school program designed to meet the needs of students and families.