Born in Moldova, Margarita achieved the true American dream that she had been promised as a child. Margarita began her career very young, graduating high school at sixteen years old and Babson College at nineteen (one of the youngest ever to graduate from their program). Margarita received an advanced degree in Entrepreneurship & Marketing. For the last twenty years, Margarita has used this degree to its fullest, owning her own businesses, and consistently finding success in the business world. Her concept of boutique, luxury hotel shops landed her in the pages of the Boston Business Journal as one of the Business Innovators of 2008.

With the birth of her first child, Margarita’s life changed to partnering with her daughter’s education. Connecting with Larisa Bankovsky was kismet. The two took the ideals of Larisa’s Baby Academy in Newton, Larisa’s decades of teaching, Margarita’s decades of entrepreneurship and business savvy, and turned that focus to launching Star Academy. This new private school focuses on providing the right education for each child. Small class sizes, involved parents, dedicated teachers, and a dynamic curriculum have allowed Star Academy to flourish. This adventure also allows her to continue her involvement in her child’s education firsthand

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