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Star Academy Hosts “Boston vs. Bullies” Anti-Bullying Presentation

February 26, 2024

On February 26, 2024, Star Academy had the honor of welcoming an enlightening anti-bullying initiative known as “Boston vs. Bullies,” a commendable effort jointly led by The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community. This event marks a significant stride in our ongoing commitment to fostering a nurturing and safe learning environment.

“Boston vs. Bullies” is focused on eradicating bullying in educational settings and equipping students with the courage and knowledge to confront and stand against bullying. The presentation saw an eager participation from our Lower School and Middle School students, who were thoroughly engaged and inspired by the insights shared by the representatives of the initiative.

The core message of the presentation transcended beyond mere awareness, urging our students to actively contribute to a school culture characterized by mutual respect, kindness, and effective teamwork. At Star Academy, we hold a firm belief in creating a community where every student feels secure, appreciated, and respected for who they are.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated team behind “Boston vs. Bullies” for their remarkable efforts in enlightening our students and empowering them to advocate for a bullying-free environment.

This event not only enriched our students’ understanding but also reinforced our school’s dedication to promoting an inclusive and supportive atmosphere for all.