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Continuing Our Series on Introducing Students to Various Professions

May 17, 2024

WATERTOWN, MA – We are excited to share the latest event in our ongoing series aimed at introducing our students to a variety of professional fields. Recently, our students at the Watertown Campus had the opportunity to engage with two medical professionals, Dr. Marina Khitrik-Palchuk and Nurse Practitioner Anna Ost, who are also parents of our students.

During this event, Dr. Khitrik-Palchuk and Ms. Ost provided an in-depth presentation about the medical profession. They shared their personal journeys, detailing how they became a doctor and a nurse practitioner, respectively. Their discussion covered the extensive educational paths, the various stages of medical training, and the daily responsibilities and challenges faced by healthcare professionals. Their stories highlighted the dedication, compassion, and hard work required to thrive in the medical field.

Our students were actively engaged and took the opportunity to ask many thoughtful questions. Topics included the different specializations within medicine, balancing work with personal life, and the most rewarding aspects of the guests’ careers. The session was both informative and inspiring, offering our students a clearer understanding of what it takes to succeed in the healthcare industry.

We are immensely grateful to Dr. Marina Khitrik-Palchuk and Ms. Anna Ost for generously sharing their time and expertise. Their contributions have undoubtedly sparked a greater interest in healthcare careers among our students, providing them with valuable insights and motivation to pursue their passions. We look forward to hosting more such enriching sessions in the future.