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Earth Day Celebrations at Star Academy

April 23, 2024

April 22nd marked the global celebration of Earth Day, an occasion dedicated to the appreciation and protection of our environment. At Star Academy, the Preschool division participated in a series of activities designed to underline the importance of environmental stewardship.

The young students embarked on a creative journey, engaging in an art project where they cut out paper in the shape of the Earth. They then decorated each piece to articulate their visions of a vibrant and healthy planet. This activity transformed the classroom into a dynamic gallery, showcasing miniature Earths that reflected each student’s creativity and hopes for the future.

Looking forward to the 55th anniversary of Earth Day in 2025, Star Academy is already in the process of organizing a series of special events in collaboration with EARTHDAY.ORG. These events aim to further educate our students and provide them with a platform to share their environmental projects with a global audience.

Star Academy encourages the entire school community to continue supporting sustainability and promoting environmental awareness. We are committed to the belief that every day is Earth Day and invite our community to join us in this crucial endeavor.