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Our Students Win at the New England Olympiad at Harvard

April 09, 2024

On April 7th, 2024, our Middle and Upper School students had the distinguished honor of participating in the New England Olympiada for Spoken Russian, hosted at Harvard University. We are delighted to report that their performances were met with exceptional success.

It is with great pride that we acknowledge the following students for their outstanding achievements: Danielle Rumshisky, Lily Potagal, Alexandra Medvinsky, Tomer Brook, and Emil Islamov were each awarded gold medals for their exemplary command of the Russian language. Additionally, Nick Chernov and Maksim Orlovskii earned silver medals, demonstrating significant prowess and skill.

Furthermore, Diana Kuznetsova was distinguished as the Top Heritage Performer, receiving the Olympiad’s grand prize. This special recognition underscores her remarkable talent and dedication to the study of the Russian language and culture.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the participants for their remarkable achievements. We also wish to express our profound gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support, and to our esteemed Russian language educators, Dr. Valeria Kozlovskaya and Olga Stepanova, whose expert guidance was instrumental in paving the way for these victories.

This collective achievement is a testament to the hard work, determination, and spirit of excellence that defines our student body and faculty alike. We look forward to building on this success and continue to foster an environment where linguistic and cultural education thrives.