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Star Academy Students Earn Excellent AP Exam Scores

July 08, 2024

WELLESLEY, MA – We are delighted to announce that College Board released the results of the AP exams our students took in May. We are proud to report that in our inaugural year of offering AP courses, Star Academy students achieved exceptional results.

AP English Language and Composition: 75% of our students scored 3 or higher, significantly above the Massachusetts average of 62.7% and the global average of 54.7%.

AP US History: Again, 75% of our students scored 3 or higher, exceeding the global average of 72.2%.

AP Precalculus: Our students excelled with a remarkable 100% scoring 3 or higher. In comparison, the Massachusetts average is 80.3% and the global average is 75.7%. Notably, 40% of our students achieved the highest score of 5, while another 40% scored a 4.

We extend our sincere congratulations to our students, parents, and faculty for their hard work and dedication that have led to these outstanding accomplishments. Students should keep in mind that those who scored 3 or higher can use the AP courses they took for college credit.