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Star Academy Students Visit the Watertown Fire Station

May 03, 2024

WATERTOWN, MA – It was a day filled with excitement and learning for the students of Star Academy’s Watertown Campus as they visited the local fire station this Thursday morning. The field trip, part of the school’s ongoing effort to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences, provided the young students with a firsthand look at the life of firefighters.

The students were greeted by the firefighting team who led them on a tour of the station and explained the different roles within the fire station. The team discussed the importance of fire safety and told the students how firefighters manage emergencies.

One of the highlights of the visit was the demonstration of the firefighting equipment. Students learned about the helmets, jackets, and breathing equipment designed to protect firefighters from the dangers of fire. The fire truck tour was particularly exciting as the students had the opportunity to get inside.

The fire officers emphasized the importance of teamwork and organization in their daily tasks. They also shared safety tips with the students, highlighting how every individual can contribute to preventing fires.

“We are extremely grateful to the Watertown Fire Department for providing our students with such an insightful and inspiring experience,” said Milena Trubskyy, Head of Watertown Campus. “Our students not only learned about fire safety but also about the value of courage and preparedness.”