Setting a Program of Precedent for Talented Children Beginning in Preschool

Gifted Children in Watertown and Wellesley Massachusetts now have a center of excellence offering quality preschool programs through 8th grade. Students are able to learn based on their unique abilities.

Gifted Children in Watertown MA

Gifted Education

The role of a gifted education center is to expose a child to exceptional learning experiences be it social, cultural, academic, verbal, formal, informal, etc. With such an experience, the child’s potential is cultivated until they find their natural niche.

Qualities of a Good Preschool Program

Why Star Academy is the best starting point for your child's education:

Talented Children in Watertown and Wellesley need a school that matches their great abilities hence the need to know what constitutes an efficient and acceptable Gifted Education Watertown MA program. The following are the qualifying criteria for a Gifted Preschool Watertown MA.

  • Our school has an operational philosophy and goals for instance to educate each child in a manner that elevates their potential to their highest level possible.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all program instead there are multiple options that cater to the individual needs of each child.
  • We offer a challenging curriculum that arouses curiosity and slows boredom. Gifted children should be allowed to stretch their minds and unleash their potential. We offer Math, English, Reading, Writing, World Languages, and Russian in addition to many other school subjects.

Star Academy Boston offers an extensive curriculum that has considered the child’s interests as well as those of the parents. There is a tendency toward “pushing" gifted children towards academic success and forgetting that they are still children. Learning is not just about storing knowledge at the back of our minds, it is also an experience made up of several elements. These elements are:

  • An environment that supports optimal learning
  • Free play and social activity
  • Ample space
  • Outdoor Areas in Watertown MA and Wellesley MA
  • Rooms that support different activities such as: reading, resting, playing
  • The Gifted Program in Watertown MA and Wellesley MA offered by Star Boston Academy employs the above methods to offer young ones a wholesome Talented Education experience in Watertown MA
  • Gifted and Preschool Programs Offered

The programs are guided by a solid curriculum that combines effective traditional American teaching methods and globally accepted teaching modes. The programs offered are:

  • Preschool
  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary
  • Middle School

Each child gets to interact with different elements of learning such as culture, speech and sight. All the elements that are used to enhance the learning experience are grouped into different, yet child-centered categories as a mix of activities that grow and perfect a type of skill that they have or are learning.

Enrolling At Star Academy

The Academy is happy to work with more young minds and has a site contact form which parents are encouraged to fill and submit. All your questions will be answered including when there are openings. Our school’s website has clearly indicated the amounts paid for tuition and there are flexible rates. You can also decide to call them at (617) 744-9807 or write an email to

Contact Star Academy today and start your child on a journey that will open up unique opportunities.