Our Mission

To Prepare Students for Lifelong Success Through Excellence in Education

What Makes Us Different

We offer personalized learning plans and
diverse course offerings to meet the
individual needs of our students
We offer a rigorous relevant coursework
curriculum that not only meets but exceeds
the DESE State Standards
Our school’s goal is to elevate each
student to their maximum potential

Community Service

The Community Service Program combines educational experiences beyond the classroom with valuable contributions to social agencies and community causes.

Each student must complete 36 hours of community service in order to graduate.

The Guidance Program

The Star Academy Upper School counselors develop and deliver counseling programs and services that provide all students with the requisite knowledge and skills for success in the academic/technical, workplace readiness, and personal/social domains.

The school will offer two counselors:

Academic and Career/College Consultant

Psychology and Personal growth consultant

Course Offerings


A wide range of opportunities for
students to improve their skills in
reading, writing, listening,
speaking, and research


All course sequences are designed
to prepare students for continuing
their postsecondary education

Social Studies

Provide students with the skills and
knowledge to be an active and
engaged global citizen


A comprehensive science program
which permits the exploration of a
wide range of topics

World Languages

Develop fluency in Russian,
Chinese (Mandarin), French,
Hebrew, Latin and Spanish


Explore drawing, ceramics, media
arts, animation, cinema arts and
art history

Physical Education/ Wellness

Participate in a wide range of
sports and fitness options.
Learn to recognize the effects of
personal decisions on health and

Driver Safety

Learn how to think behind the
wheel, how to plan ahead and how
to anticipate the actions of other
roadway users

Want to know more?

At Star Academy, we offer a wide range of courses to help our students reach their academic goals and prepare for their future careers. Download our course selection guide to learn more about our offerings. 

College Preparation Course

Star Academy is committed to maximizing each student’s Higher Education

Helping students shape their academic and extracurricular resume through careful guidance

Offering college preparation classes supporting the college application process with individual support for each student.

Providing SAT and ACT training

Organizing college site visits and partnership programs

Providing students the freedom to explore what college means to them academically, socially, and emotionally in a process that leads them toward a school that welcomes, inspires, and challenges them.

Working within the Star Academy community, connecting students with College Alums to provide an in depth understanding

Elective Courses

Upper School level disciplines that can help a student explore his/her career options or prepare for a chosen future profession

Computer Programming

Advanced Programming Essentials in C++, Python, Java, Advanced SQL, AP Computer Science Principles


Computer Graphics, Video Media Technology


Exploring Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Digital & Analog Electronic Engineering, Advanced Engineering Technology

Art and Design

Painting, Master Studio, Sculpture/3D, Photography, Commercial Design

Business Management

Advanced Accounting, Business Law, Personal Finance, Stocks and Investments, Hospitality Management, Business Management, Sales

Health Professions

Health Systems and Professions, Health Care Evidence and Research, Anatomy & Physiology, Language of Medicine

Student Activities & Internships in a Field of Interest

Book Club


Chinese Club






French Club

Hebrew Club

Model UN

National Honor Society

Private piano

Private Vocal

Robotics club

Russian Club

Student Senate

Spanish Club

Technology Student Association



Future Business Leaders of America

Health Occupations Students of America

Our Physical Education Options




Other sports

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A rich and varied academic curriculum is complemented by Star Academy’s state of the art facility. We provide an aesthetically pleasing environment that is optimal for learning, free play, and social activities.

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